Discover de Authentic Madrid

Tours full a fun and culture, going throught the most beatifull neighborhoods. 

The Best tour in Madrid

Our touristic routes in the seat 600 are specially designed to enjoy Madrid and the little car the best way possible. From the most visited streets to the most secret corners of the city, we want to show you the real madrid with the best quality of tour possible. We will show you secrets, legends, curiosities and history of this old city that is madrid. Great part of the history has taken place in the center of the city, the neighborhood of the letters, la Latina, the Habsburgs, etc…
We are proud to be the selected tour for the locals of madrid. Doesn’t matter the time limit you pick, we assure you that it will be a blast, you are not going to believe how fast time passes doing our tour. We will do stops where you can do the most incredible photos of the monuments and will learn its history and curiosities along the way. This is definitively the most complete tour that you can do of the whole touristic offer of the city.
We have the APR permit, so we are the only company that can go in to the city with classic cars, normal traffic is prohibited to enter in the parts that we are going to visit. This way, you can touch the royal palace from the car or see where Cervantes is buried, between other incredible things that you can see in the city.
This is not the only part of the tour, remember that all of it its done in the most important car in Spanish history, the seat 600, the car that gave wheels to a lot of families in the country during the 60s, a plus that will make your tour even more special. A voyage to the history of madrid, in an historic ride, something that you will never forget.